Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mischa Barton from "The O.C." Arrested!

Another drunk actress in Hollywood, thats more rare than a man-eating tiger in San Francisco! 21 year old actess Mischa Barton, best known for her role in "The O.C." was pulled over by the fuzz at around 3 in the morning for straddling the white lines and not using a turn signal. When the deputies investigated, it turns out poor Mischa has no drivers liscence...and she was drunk! OOOPS! On top of that, she had an itsy bitsy bit of marijuana...thats right, a little Mary Jane was in the passenger seat.

Mischa, you silly thing, take a cab next time!

Celebrity News from a Middle Aged White Man

Celebrity News, Rumors and Commentary from a middle aged, non-gay, white man who cares little about it. Yes, I admit it, I'm not enthralled by every step the Paris Hilton, Fergie or Brad Pitt makes. In fact, it honestly makes me sick to my stomach how Celebrities are worshipped. Which is why this blog exists. I will show you the news, then I will talk alot of crap about whoever is making the news.

I hope you read my commentaries about celebrities and laugh. I know I do. But if a certain rumor gets started about a celebrity you love and you want to write nasty replies...I encourage the outrage you want to pour. Paris IS a whore. But you love her for it. Jennifer Aniston is hopelessly overrated, but you feel her pain. Brad Pitt is beautiful, but dumb as an ox, and that makes him even more attractive.

I hope to get a chance to shoot out the celebrity news and rumors as quickly as possible, not just movie stars, but musicians, sports heros, whatever gets people all hot and bothered. As long as the star in question is starry enough for people to want to read about it, that makes celebrity be attached to their persona.

Perhaps all it takes is throwing around daddy's money and flashing boobies at night clubs, that seems to have worked well for Paris (can you tell yet that I'm not a big fan of Paris) to become a celebrity. It will make me mention you at least three times in my first blog post ever, so that is a bit of celebrity, yeah?

Anyway, I guess thats enough about me. So, off to the news

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